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We are only as good as our employees.  If you are looking for a great place to work and you have component manufacturing talent that places you in the top of your field we want to hear from you.

Available Jobs at Quantum Components 

  • General Shop Help
  • Parts Finisher [ Requires strong manual dexterity ]

 Company Culture

As a company, Quantum beleives in strong focus on both the individual and their work team with less management intervention.  Employees are encouraged to receive addtional training and learn new tasks as one way to help grow their career.  Moving up in the organization is strictly based on the individual employeee's leadership ability, emotional maturity, and skill level.  

Most daily decision making and detail work process oversight is implimented by a person's own workteam.  Each team has input when new employees are hired.

Teams decide the individual's work load and work area just as each team is responsible for ensuring each team member is properly trained and has the resources to be successful.  Even Quality metrics are tracked on a team level.  Employees are expected to function as a team and collaborate with their teammates on all phases of production of each job.